Affordable, All-Electric, Energy Efficient, Prefab and Green

A fixed low energy bill regardless of your use

This All-Electric house with good insulation and energy efficient HVAC installations ensures that you live in a comfortable home with low energy consumption and therefore a low energy bill.

Do you want to live in our energy-efficient home? We want to start a project in Eindhoven / Helmond. Join us.

Do you want to live in our energy-efficient home? When there is sufficient interest we can start a project in Eindhoven / Helmond.

To start we need 20 potential buyers. Register for free and become one of them. The price indication for a home is €150.000,- to €200.000,- von*.

When there are enough people who are interested, we will work with the municipality of Eindhoven / Helmond to acquire a plot to build on.

*No rights can be derived from this price indication.

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If you want to live in Eindhoven / Helmond Brainport Smart District

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A HOME FOR YOU Eindhoven

This is for every Single or Couple looking for an affordable, energy-efficient and comfortable home. Determine the location yourself and build your house together with your future neighbors. So if you want to shape your own living environment, this is A Home For You.

1. Price indication €150.000,- tot €200.000,- v.o.n.*

2. A fixed low energy bill regardless of your use!

3. A comfortable indoor climate all year round.

4. Circular, and low CO2 footprint.

5. Move into your new Home within 9 months after signing the contract.

6. Green living enviroment; cooling effect in the summer & water storage

* No rights can be derived from this price indication.

.An energy-efficient home means saving money.

Low monthly energy costs

The very well insulated homes are gas-less by default and are so energy efficient that the energy labels no longer apply. They meet the rules that will apply in 2020.

By generating the heat decentrally for each project and using a 'flate rate' payment system, the energy for heating and hot water per m2 of dwelling is charged regardless of the use. That way you have monthly money to do fun things with.

2 reasons why low monthly energy costs are good.

1. Save money

2. Save the enviroment

All year comfortable indoor climate

You get a very well-insulated home with lots of fresh air and daylight.

The home has a healthy and stable indoor climate. This ensures that you will not experience any cold trap or annoying air currents during winter. During summer the house is passively cooled via a heat pump and, if necessary, night ventilation can be applied. The house has good sound insulation and therefore it is wonderfully quiet inside.

This means that you can relax in your energy-efficient home in both summer and winter.

Green living enviroment

We believe that changes in climate and environment must be answered with a new strategy towards nature. A strategy of cooperation between the city and nature. Nature's self-regenerative capacity is used to alleviate the current and foreseeable stresses of the urban environment.

6 reasons why green is so important

1.  Green increases the value of your house.

2. Green contributes to better health and well-being.

3. Green contributes to social cohesion.

4. Greenery reduces the risk of flooding.

5. Green cools the city in the summer.

6. Green provides biodiversity.

Heat is collectively generated via solar collectors and a water-water heat pump. Both are linked to two collective boilers. Heat is supplied to the individual home via an insulated ring line.

The heat pump is used for passive cooling during summer. The electricity is for the most part produced by solar cells.

Our well-ventilated wooden house uses steel and cement as little as possible. This creates a pleasant indoor climate and contributes to reducing CO2 emissions.

We have a crawlspace-free construction, so you don't have to worry about radon radiation. The houses are equipped with triple glazing and wooden windowframes. The use of natural and renewable materials makes the home circular.

The back-to-back houses share a green courtyard. The green hedges separate the communal from the private gardens and also provides cover for the birds. Under the communal green is the possibilty for water storage. The trees help you to relax. New research shows that the sight of trees allows the parasympathetic nervous system to gain an edge, calming the entire body and making us more relaxed.